EMS Consultants

Providing Expert Advice on (Medical) Quality, Environmental and Energy Management Systems

Management Systems Consultancy

We develop, implement and manage a suite of affordable management systems to the manufacturing, service and logistic industries:

  • Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO14001:2015
  • Quality Management System (QMS) to ISO9001:2015
  • Energy Management System (EnMS) to ISO50001:2011
  • Medical Devices Quality Management System (Med Dev QMS) to ISO13485:2016
  • Carbon Trust Certification
  • FSC & PEFC

We provide expert environmental and quality management advice with ongoing legal compliance updates to keep organisations at the forefront of environmental and quality best practices. Working closely with organisations, with minimal disruption, we offer a straightforward plan, train appropriate personnel and provide a set of user-friendly procedures and associated documentation.

The results of implementing an Management System can benefit your organisation by:

  1. Achieving certification which may improve business relations, increased trade recognition and enhance competitiveness.
  2. Cost savings through improved process efficiencies and use of alternative resources and energy.
  3. Ensuring compliance obligations are always met.

Our Simple Approach

As a part of our simple and proactive business strategy we get results. We will:

  1. Quickly gain an understanding of your operations
  2. Review all risks and opportunities within your scope
  3. Assess your processes, activities, products, services and their associated environmental impacts and quality deficiencies
  4. Establish, implement and maintain effective management systems to control your risks and build a framework to facilitate continuous management systems performance
  5. Gain ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO50001, ISO13485 or other associated certification
  6. Leave you competent to maintain your management systems or
  7. Provide ongoing support to keep the system ticking over and assist with compliance obligations, internal audits

Your Benefits

With personal and experienced staff, we are confident our service can offer the following:

  1. Improve your quality and environmental performance
  2. Provide a greater understanding of your business risks and opportunities
  3. Provide a greater understanding of the lifecycle of your products and services
  4. Reduce operational costs through process efficiency, alternative resource consumption and energy use
  5. Increase potential sales and tender opportunities
  6. Assist in the marketing of your services
  7. Retain existing customers
  8. Ensuring compliance obligations are met
  9. Lessen your impacts on the environment
  10. Gain recognition for your environmental initiatives (other awards and certificates)

Get Ready for Transition

Plan ahead to ensure your EMS and QMS systems conform to the
new ISO standards.

Deadline for Transition: Autumn 2018